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You Can Put the League on TV!

How would you like to have the opportunity to learn more about the diverse, ongoing programs of the League, perform a valuable service for your community, and ensure the League some much needed visibility?

Does the idea of getting in on the ground floor with a project which will probably lead into bigger and better things appeal to you? If your answers to the first two questions were "yes" and you think the League of Women Voters belongs on TV, why don't you consider participating in the development of three pilot shows for Oceanic Cablevision's Channel 20, the community programming channel?

In order to be prepared Leaguers will initially need to attend four classes in studio TV production (or demonstrate proficiency in TV production). Subsequent participation would probably involve approximately five hours per month. To facilitate the production of professional first pro-ducts League members will have the guidance of an experienced crew from United Productions.

At the very least, League will have video tapes which can supplement unit or general meetings, may be lent to schools or other community groups, & a group of members will be able to make their own professional looking video tapes for family and friends.

Call the office (#531-7448) now to get your application form for the Oceanic training program. We need a solid core of dedicated members to proceed with this opportunity. We need you to sign up for the class sessions so we can "do our own thing" when our contract with United Productions ends.

Call now to become part of this TV experience!

Katie Loew
Dee Lum

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