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League Co-Sponsors "Pau Hana Preview of Marine Legislation"


Members and guests are cordially invited to a fun, free afternoon on the Falls of Clyde, where they will have the chance to mingle informally with legislators, governmental agency representatives of public interest organizations, and the interested public.

The "Pau Hana Preview of 1986 Marine Legislation" is one of the major events of COASTWEEK '85 in Hawaii. It will be held on the Falls of Clyde vessel, berthed just Diamondhead of the Aloha Tower, on Friday, October 11, 1985 from 5PM to 7:I3OPM. From 5 to 5:30 will be an in-formal reception for attendees, followed by presentations by legislators and representatives of state agencies with marine related programs

The event is sponsored by the Conservation Council for Hawaii, Greenpeace, the Hawaii Audubon Society, Hawaii's Thousand Friends, the Sierra Club, and the League of Women Voters.

The main focus will be on legislation which may be forthcoming in 1986. Following presentations by legislators and agencies, there will be an opportunity for attendees from the general public to ask questions or voice concerns.

"COASTWEEK '85", to be held during the week of October 7-14, is an annual event, celebrated nationwide, which is now in its fifth year. The purpose of COAST-WEEK is to recognize the importance of our nation's coastal areas in our daily lives and provide opportunities for organizations and individuals to acquaint the general public with activities relating to the coast.

Park at Pier 5 or Aloha Tower.

Robert Nelson will be at the exhibition on the Falls of Clyde that day. So, it will be there during the reception, too.

If you can come before 5:00PM (4:30?) and help set up drinks and pupus, please call Kiyoko Nitz at 261-7536 or 948-8665, or leave message at the League Office.

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