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[President's Message]

League will be in the good hands of Vice-President, Jean Aoki, as I take a short trip. You can reach Jean at the office by leaving your name and number on the tape.

Plans are firming for the exciting seminar on November the 2nd. "RUNNING TO WIN" will be a winner for League members who attend. Leaguers are encouraged to be active in political campaigns; many of us have been and have learned a lot by trial and error, and some of us want to be active and wish to avoid the trial and error method of learning. This seminar is directed toward that latter: goal and we hope for a good turnout of both experienced campaigners and novices amongst us.

Arlene Woo has taken over the reins of program coordination for the seminar. She is working with voter service committee members but they will all appreciate a call from those of you who will be. able to help on that day, or perhaps pull together a few details a week or two prior to November 2nd.

Joan Davenport is representing League on a committee organized by the state's Office of Environmental Quality Control working towards Amnesty Day. Our spring program on Hazardous Waste renewed our interest in this important effort and we are pleased to help Amnesty Day become a reality. There are a few copies of our League publication on this subject plus LWVUS pubs which will bring you into "expert" standing quickly. Come in and pick up these and other pubs. And do call Joan if you are interested in working on this project.

Hawaii's location has allowed us to be familiar with some of the problems of the Hilo' World. League's long standing interest in this area, and continuing study and updating of our positions international relations have led to the production of an excellent new LWVUS pub which is synopsed elsewhere in this Voter. Copes will be available for sale at the October units (postal delivery permitting). We will not be participating in this phase of national consensus, but we can keep ourselves informed!

My thanks to Mildred Walston who has agreed to guest edit this Voter.

Au revoir,

Dorothy Lum

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