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October Unit Meeting
Speakers' Bureau
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
Financing the Federal Government
LWVUS Position on Federal Tax Policy
Questions and Answers on Federal Tax Policy
H Power (Welcome Fawcett)
Vote Count Flash
League Co-Sponsors "Pau Hana Preview of Marine Legislation"
State Studies
Channel 20
Running to Win
Aloha to... New Members
America in the Third World (insert) (Helen Whorton)

Vote Count Flash

20 volunteers are needed for the SHOPO vote count on Tuesday, December 3rd, from 9AM to approximately 2:50PM. The vote count location will be 645 Halekawela (corner of Keave) and lunch is brown bag, There is ample parking available. Please call the office, 531-7448 and leave your name and number.

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