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LWV of the Bay Area...

The League of Women Voters of the Bay Area prints a Bay Area Monitor which covers regional issues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Items carried reflect many of the same problems which beset us in Honolulu (though often on a much larger scale).

A quote from the June issue:

Massive traffic jams are in store for the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula commuters, unless the jurisdictions along the Route 101 Corridor ... can arrive at a consensus as to what if any transportation improvements are desired and whether they are willing to pay for them. The problem of transportation has never loomed larger in Peninsula life. Yet never have so many governmental and private groups and individuals spent so much time grappling for a solution.

That may sound familiar to you if you have been tracking the rapid transit issue on Oahu as some Leaguers have been doing.

If you would like to wrestle with transit issues on Oahu, join the loyal Leaguers on the Transportation Committee. Call Opal Sloane, the coordinator, and climb aboard!

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