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President's Message

┬░Running to Win" will have finished by the time most of you read this. If you were not there, you did not win. If you have not participated in some League activity this year, League has not won.

I have been re-reading an old League survey/study on membership (1957!). The study showed that members "may be interested in League Program because it is a way of working toward better government, or she may be interested... because by working on it, she can join with other women in an interesting and educational activity." It further states that "Most members feel the League Program offers both these bases for interest: as means toward the achievement of better government; and as an interesting informative end in itself."

Aside from the sexist language of the study, the findings of 1957 seem to hold true today. The study later looks at time to give to League and concluded that "more important than competing activity is the member's interest in the League itself."

I am reflecting on these points for several reasons:

We are visible now and it should be a good time to recruit members; If we gain members, will they become active and thus perhaps "committed" to League;

It will soon be time for members to decide on "Program" for the next few years and that means member participation;

The nominating committee will be seeking new leaders and that means members with interest and time to give to continue League activities at the current level and an extra burst of commitment to move us forward.

The most important thing for League's growth is YOU. We need YOU to help us with your enthusiasm for League. Talk to your friends about League. Ask them to join. Tell them about how they can participate. Tell US who are active in the League about their skills and interests. Bring them to meetings and vote counts.

Remember this is YOUR organization.

Dorothy Lum

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