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Definition of [Water] Terms

Artesian -- Is synonymous with confined. The water level in an artesian well stands above the top of the artesian water body it taps. If the water level in the well stands above the land surface the well is a flowing artesian well.

Aquifer -- Water bearing bed or stratum of earth, gravel or porous rock. The worth of an aquifer as a source of water depends largely upon two inherent characteristics - its ability to store and to transmit water.

Permeability -- The permeability of a rock or soil in a measure of its ability to transmit fluid, such as water, under a gradient.

Dike -- Dense, nearly vertical, tabular intrusive basalt. Dikes constitute the feeder paths for molten lava during eruptions.

Ghyben-Herzberg Lens -- Refers to the body of freshwater standing above sea level and floating on seawater. Named after the discoverers of the phenomenon. Freshwater floats on seawater because of the difference in densities (similar to oil floating on water).

Hydraulic Conductivity -- Volume of water that will move in a unit time under a unit hydraulic gradient through a unit area at right angles to the direction of flow.

Water Table -- That surface in a ground-water body it. which the water pressure is atmospheric.

Water Budget -- Rainfall = Runoff + Evapotranspiration * Recharge.

Sustainable Yield -- The water supply that may normally be withdrawn from a water source at the maximum rate which will not unduly impair the source utility.

Caprock -- Wedge of terrestrial and marine sedimentary deposits that retards the seaward flow of fresh groundwater from the basaltic aquifer.

Water Level -- Elevation of the water surface above a specified datum (also called head).

Hydrology -- Science of water. One of the earth sciences.

Ground-water hydrology -- Concerned with evaluating the occurrence, availability, and quality of ground water.

Ground-water hydraulics -- Concerned with the natural or induced movement of water through permeable rock formations.

Simulation -- Process by which the characteristics of a water-flow system are represented by a set of mathematical equations that can be solved by a digital computer. This set of equations, the computer routines required for solution, and the input data collectively constitute the "model' of the ground-water flow system.

From distribution at People's Water Conference, Nov, 16, 1985

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