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General Membership Meeting
January 1986 Units - Program Planning - Local and National
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
League of Women Voters Programs
Current Honolulu LWV Items
National Program
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday
Support Dollars for Programs of League
Welcome to New Members
Exemption of the H-3 Freeway from Federal Laws
People's Water Conference
Definition of [Water] Terms
Vote Count
League Calendar

League of Women Voters Programs

Program items are interrelated at the Honolulu level and with State and National programs. Where one begins, another overlaps or ends. Program items have grown out of study and membership understanding and agreement on issues. "Impact on Issues, 1984-86 - A Leader's Guide to National Program" LWVUS Pub. No. 386 is available in the office for more detailed information.

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