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National Program

Whatever the issue, the League believes that government policy, programs and performance must meet these criteria:

Competent personnel with clear responsibilities,

Coordination among agencies and levels of government,

Adequate financing, Effective enforcement, and

Well-defined channels for citizen input and review.

Current National Program items have been categorized and include "positions in brief." Local, state, and regional LWV boards apply when membership understanding and agreement exist and the action makes sense in terms of timing, need and effectiveness. Categories include:

GOVERNMENT: Citizen Rights including right to know/citizen participation, individual liberties, and Public Policy on Reproductive Choices. Apportionment and Campaign Finance are included under Election Process.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Arms control, U.S. development assistance, limitation on reliance on military force, strengthening the United Nations, and National Security.

NATURAL RESOURCES: Air quality, energy, land use, waste management. and water resources are included under the major considerations of wise management of resources and environment beneficial to life,

SOCIAL POLICY: Promotion of the economic health of cities, energy-efficient and environmentally sound transportation systems, a federalized system of income assistance to meet basic needs equal access, and the ERA are included.

Note: LWVUS financing the Federal Government study is in progress.

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