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People's Water Conference

The Nov. 16, 1985 People's Water Conference was reported by League representative Walter Chotzen as being interesting and instructive as well as controversial at times. Unsettled issues include:

  1. The "legal" aspects of "water rights" after the McBryde Reversal.

  2. Native Hawaiian water rights.

  3. State Water Code.

Small farmers feel that water, like air, is for everybody, Sugar companies consider they own the water at its source and that the State, with right of condemnation, can take the water for adequate compensation. A "water code" is considered needed on Oahu, but other islands with ample water do not want a water code. The State Legislature is wrestling with the problems.

Dismay was expressed that the State Board of Land and Natural Resource makes decisions regarding water use while "the public" has limited input.

There are problems with the use of brackish water for irrigation, indus- trial, fire protection, and other non-personal uses.

The experts note that:

  1. Hawaii has a comprehensive data basis.

  2. Without the sugar plantations there would be no water shortage.

  3. Water conservation would alleviate the predicted shortage, by the y 2000.

Notes from the conference and copies of materials available for hand-out are available in the League office. To add to your vocabulary and understanding of matters relating to water such as "sustainable yield," on the reverse of this page are "definitions" as made available for hand out at the Conference.

Among the "quotable quotes" from the report by Walter Chotzen is the following:

"The amount of available potable water depends on rain, the quality of it depends on the people."

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