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[President's Message]

Greetings and good wishes for the holidays!

They approach quickly, but there is much to be done.

Program planning, budget preparation and nominations for the next two-year board officers and directors are upon us. Training is underway for Channel 20's certification for camera crews. Vote count work continues and voter service projects need to be assessed.

You received a flyer in mid-November which outlined the program planning process. There is more on programs in this Voter--see page . Units will focus on local programs and also discuss national programs as well. It will be your time to suggest areas of interest and try to persuade other members that "your" interests and League's interest. If others do agree with you, and if the Board concurs, then that item will be brought forward for discussion at the annual meeting.

BUT, one criteria for selecting a study is potential (or actual) person-power to work on the study. It is a reality that there are fewer members with time to devote to League studies in the manner that has brought the organization credit. SO, think carefully about what we have in our program areas now before mounting your crusade. In other words, visualize your-self as the leader if you want the troops/members to follow; it will help "your cause" if you can formulate the program perimeters, suggest how the study might proceed and offer to chair the committee. If you can do all that, everyone will listen.

In addition to program study and action there is much to keeping the League going, We have spoken of vote counts, we have told you of the need for monetary support, we have described administrative needs in the past (such as editing this Voter!), and we always hope for your attendance at meetings.

There is a place for you.

You can help by letting us know what your time and interests are. We try to call you, but it can work the other way, too. The age of electronics permits you to leave brief messages on the office tape if the volunteer staff, or others, are not in the office.

We do pay attention!


Dorothy Lum

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