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Vote Count

League is better able to conduct voter service programs, as well as pay basic organizational costs, because of the generous help of so many members.

Coordinating a vote count is an opportunity to use your organizational skills. Arlene Ellis will be offering "classes" again in the spring, but if you want to work with her for the next few times she would be delighted to hear from you. Call #941-3724 or mail in the form below.

Please respond to the Voter notices that state time, place, and hours that counters are needed. If you don't call us, we have to call you. It is only one call for you BUT it is 100 calls for us:

At its November meeting the Board voted to sponsor a modest members' social to thank vote count volunteers. Watch the ALOHA VOTER,



Tues., Dec. 3 - 12-4 SHOPO Halekawela St

Thurs., Dec, 26, Fri., Dec, 27, Sat,, Dec. 28 - 9-4 Local 5 (Info, on , location will be provided)

30 persons needed each day/ballot stuffing


Fri., Jan. 24 - 9-4 Local 5 (Info, on location will be provided) 30 persons needed each day/vote count process

We COUNT on YOU. These vote counts are crucial and it is important that every member help as much as possible. If you cannot make your commitment, do call and leave a message (Arlene Ellis 941-3724),

NOTE: Spouses, family, and friends can provide valuable in-kind service by joining with you. Working members and others are encouraged to come for 1/2 day on Saturdays or Sunday:



1985 Dates Times 1986 Dates Times

Tues,, Dec, 3 Fri., Jan: 24

Thurs., Dec, 26 Sat,, Jan. 25

Fri,, Dec, 27 Sun., Jan, 26 Sat., Dec. 28

My name is Telephone (Home)


Please tear off and mail in to LW V of Hono. 49 S. Hotel St., Rm. 314, Honolulu 96813

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