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Conflict and Consensus: The Management of Change

The conclusion to presentation by Kent M. Keith, Director of Planning and Economic Development, State of Hawaii, at Dec. 7, 1985 LWV meeting noted that the world is forcing change upon us. The importance of managing the change in a fashion which builds our community was emphasized

Consensus rather than conflict was emphasized, "Whole" people are secure enough and feel adequate enough that they do not need to -- attack; they are likely to build.

Through disagreements, new ideas are generated and we learn about others and other points of view.

Those who are fearful, insecure, angry, and frustrated use the attack to gain a sense of power and self-esteem. A big problem with conflict is that one cannot judge in advance what the results will be. Conflict is thus costly, ineffective, and unpredictable.

The effort to build a consensus is gradual, consultative, interactive, and stable. Consensus is the glue which holds the society together. We must agree on enough things to be able to live together in relative peace.

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