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Lotteries for Public Purposes

A recently-completed study on revenues done for the State recommended that lotteries be studied as a possible source of funds. Honolulu League's Tax Study Committee is interested in explorations on this subject. Members with knowledge or interest are invited to participate.

Below are some comments:

As our local newspapers have indicated, the California State Lottery started up with a full Hollywood flourish in Oct. '85.

The lottery in Massachusetts was I designed to divert a lot of illegal money to public uses.

Questions are raised as to whether the lotteries are "regressive" and "immoral."

Funds provided by the games have amounted to only a fraction of total revenues and, in general, have not provided a "good buy" for the gambling consumer according to some sources.

A periodical published by the Public Gaming Research Institute, Inc., Rockville, MD, is reported as being much in demand from libraries for fulfilling assignments.

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