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January 1986 Units - Program Planning - Local and National
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Program Planning
Conflict and Consensus: The Management of Change
Legal Research for the Non-Lawyer
State Water Code - AAUW Conference
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Running to Win - A LWV Voter Service
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Program Planning

January units are part of the regular League process of member's choosing the items that they will research and study to help reach a decision upon which action at the appropriate govern-mental level will take place.

This year we will look at local and national programs. The outcome from the units will be reviewed by the Board before the decisions are sent to national (in the case of items for decision at convention) or back to our members locally in time for decision at our annual meeting.

A booklet containing current study and position areas has been compiled and will be available again at the units. Review past local and national Voters for more information..

As you "dream" of areas where League can tread, consider the following.

Two basic criteria for choosing program are:

  1. the issue must be one on which governmental action is needed

  2. the issue must fall within the principles of the League of Women Voters (see your roster).

Local League also should consider:

  1. Is it timely?

    Is it important to the community? Is effective citizen action foreseeable?

  2. Is it an issue worthy of members' time and effort and one about which League cart do something? Is it important enough to in-spire League interest and commitment?

  3. In the light of other program commitments--local, state & national--does League have sufficient personnel, experience and funds to carry out the proposal?

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