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Issues at Large

That is the title of League's first TV show.

Transportation was the subject of the j February meeting and filmed show. Karen Ahn served as League moderator; six questions were addressed by John Hirten, Director of the city's Department of Transportation Services; Gordon Lum, Executive Director of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization; and Businessman Cliff Slater.

We are grateful to Oceanic Cablevision for this opportunity to use their public access capabilities.

You can see the edited program on TV by turning to Channel 20 on Tuesdays at 7 P.M. and Fridays at 9 P.M. through-out April.

United Productions provided the technical assistants; they were aided by our TV trained members.

In-League effort continued with Arlene Woo acting as floor manager, Katy Loew staffing the control panel and Evelyn Shirk "hitting" the lights.

"Old" and "new" Leaguers will be seen in the introduction with the voice-over done by Diane Hastert.

Our banner provided the backdrop. It was flanked by plants loaned by the New Leaf Interior Plants nursery on Judd Street. They will welcome your patronage!

We need more of you to take the course so we can become our own crew. Won't you call the office to get your form to join those members already signed up for the next training sessions. We need a total of 12 members. You can be one!

This might be just the project that your college or post-college age son or daughter would like to get involved with; ask them and if the answer is "yes" then it is a perfect gift to them, and to League. Their League membership will give them the opportunity to be part of League's Issues and Images production team.

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