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Tour Energy House

The League was one of the first few voices calling urgently for CONSERVATION of energy -- and we are still urgently calling. The Energy House should give us an idea of how far we have come and what is now available. We now have the opportunity to see for ourselves.

From William Boles' flyer on Hawaii's House: "The Energy House/Tropical Research House is located on the mauka side of the U.H. Manoa Campus next to the credit union and the campus thrift shop. The House is a prototype home dedicated to resource conservation. Completed in 1976, the house demonstrates several solar systems including passive solar shading, passive solar water heating, solar food drying and the use of natural lighting. The home design conserves land and building materials. For example, the materials of construction were selected for their ease of maintenance, life expectancy, and local availability. Water conservation is incorporated into the home by the rainwater catchment system, the gray and black water recycling systems, and the selection of minimum flow plumbing fixtures. From the edible landscaping to the built-in recycling bins in the kitchen, the house provides numerous examples of resource conservation at the residential scale tailored specifically to Hawaii." Mr. Boles places emphasis on needs of the consumer -- affordable energy and housing; on decentralized systems; and conservation of water and energy.

The so-called "oil glut" has dampened enthusiasm for work on alternate energy sources. Such sources are believed necessary and will become more so in the future. Research is proceeding on Ocean Thermal Electrical Conversion (OTEC) and photovoltaics. HECO is testing newer and bigger windmills. Geothermal work is in the site selection stage and there are environmental concerns as well as distribution problems (underwater cable) still to be worked out.

Please come, and bring your suggestions and questions. (See Front Page Cover for time and directions.)

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