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Water Conference of Jan. 17, 1986

Walter Chotzen brought voluminous materials from the Water Conference held at the AAUW. Included and available for reference in the office are:

Report of the Advisory Commission on Water Resources to the Thirteenth Legislature, State of Hawaii, Jan. 14, 1985.

Water Code Alternative No. 1, Limited Duration Permit System - Dept. of Land & Natural Resources as State Agency, Water Management Districts, Prel. Draft No. 1 (5/7/84)

Memo. from Representative Calvin K.Y. Say, Chairman, Committee on Water, Land Use, Development and Hawaiian Affairs, Ded. 19, 1985, Subj: Review of the draft of the proposed state water code.

Reprint of article from WNRL Digest/Copyright Winter 1986 by Williamson B.C. Chang: "MISSING THE BOAT: The Ninth Circuit decides a Hawaiian Water Rights Case"

The projected code by the Advisory Commission on Water Resources appeared to be favored with exceptions such as requiring disputes to go through the courts. Problems remain on matters such as Hawaiian rights.

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