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Annual Meeting - Arpil 25 - Results

Arlene Ellis, President; Dee Lum, Vice President, Sue MacKinnon as Secretary, and Board members Mary Frances Sutphen, Mary-Ann Marks, and Yvonne Kearns were elected.

Sarah Allday continues as Treasurer and Kathryn Albu remains for her second year.

Nominating committee members chosen were Dorrie Marsh, Mildred Walston, and Jerry Hess.

The Board will meet May 12 and confirm additional members to aid them in their work.


Members adopted a mini-study, 1 approved the continuation of existing programs, and approved a budget to meet the on-going needs of voter service, program, and operating costs. Savings and encumbered funds earned in this busy vote-count year will be part of the 86-87 budget of $27,405.

The mini-study will augment the Local Government position, which deals with the City Charter


Reminder: Read your National Voter and mail your response by the June deadline. Note the instruction regarding the mailing label - leave it on!

Your vote is important.


At the April meeting, Board members participated in a review of the land use planning process in anticipation for the summer's work of preparing for fall's activities. Dan Watanabe,

Health and Community Services Council of Hawaii executive, was the leader for this review.

Member participation in League Board discussions is welcome. If you would like to attend Board planning meetings, advise Arlene Ellis so you will be alerted as to the time.


OFFICE AID AND LEARNING. You can help during this election year by becoming an office staff member. The community calls on League for election year information and we try to provide the answer or, at least, the best source for reference. You will learn too from this on-the-job training. Call us and get started:

OBSERVING AND MONITORING. Techniques of the League include attending public meetings to keep informed.

WATER has been much discussed during the recent legislative session. It has been a League interest since the 50's and shows no sign of being otherwise. Call Dee Lum (949-6716-R) for specific information and preparation to observe the Board of Water Supply.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD SYSTEM as a means of citizen participation has been studied. Action may be possible because of a proposed amendment to the Charter. A member to regularly attend Neighborhood Commission meetings is needed. Contact Nancy Marker (955-1555-B).

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