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This book is designed to intro-duce you to a unique perspective on campaign strategy applicable to all election campaigns, but with special emphasis on Hawaii campaigns and elections. It attempts to make sense of all the diverse activities of a political campaign."

Dr. Hubert S. Kimura, one of the favorite speakers at last fall's "Running to Win" seminar, has made his book available to the State League. It is a valuable source of how-to information for you.

To assist State league in fund-raising: Come to the office and obtain a copy for $5.00; add an additional $1.50 if you wish a copy mailed. Please mark mail requests: Attn: M. Hatton.


Co-published by LWVEF and Nick Lyons Books, Pub. No. 448 is an expanded and updated version of the 1980 "A Nuclear Waste Primer."

Morris K. Udall, Chairman, Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives, states:

"People in every state are affected by the nuclear waste disposal problem and are hungry for clear, credible information about it.

The League's Primer responds to this need so well that it is a national public service."

For a personal copy, call the League office (531-7448) and place your order. Cost is $ 3,00.

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