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Election Laws Study Committee

The Honolulu League Election Laws Study Committee has been studying the pros and cons of unrestricted absentee voting and is now ready to consider the merits and also the problems involved in registering voters by mail.

National's position that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed necessitates our working for increased accessibility to the electoral process. If we are to strive for the elimination of all harriers to voting, unrestricted absentee voting, registration by mail, etc. become our goals.

Sometime in October, the committee will he presenting its findings at a membership meeting and will gather your reactions and thoughts on the subject. The next issue of the Aloha Voter will include a discussion of unrestricted absentee voting.

Honolulu's study committee members are Jean Aoki, chair; Beth Weisberger, Mildred Walston, Jennifer Geiser, Sharon Yokote and Roberta Chang. Marian Wilkins is the State coordinator for the election laws study.

Anyone interested in joining the committee should call Jean Aoki - 949-7457,

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