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Planning & Zoning Committee

Planning and Zoning Co-Chair Kathy Albu sent a letter (June 23rd) to the City Council supporting the City Planning Commission's access to independent staff with expertise in the planning and land use area. (Council was considering a Charter Amendment "to allow the Planning Commission to appoint its own executive secretary".

On July 5th, President Arlene Kim Ellis responded to the City Department of Housing and Community Development's request for comments on its E/S preparation notice for the proposed Waiola Estates "affordable housing" subdivision. Among the points she raised were 1) the information notice's failure to mention the project's inconsistence with state and county planning policies and land use controls; 2) the need to y, discuss such secondary impacts of the proposal as increased growth pressures on prime . agricultural land in Central Oahu, upward influence on agricultural land prices, encouraging land owners to take other agricultural land out of cultivation, its effects on the secondary urban center in Ewa, and encouraging suburban sprawl; 3) "its superficial and inadequate analysis" of the effect of the project on the provision of public facilities, such as water, sewerage, highways, and public transit; and 4) the need to analyze its impacts with those of alternate locations, as in Ewa.

On July 15th, President Arlene Kim Ellis sent a letter to Don Clegg in response to his request for the League's comments on a proposed Development Plan amendment deleting H-3 (the proposed third trans-Koolau highway) from the Public Facilities maps of the Primary Urban Center and Koolaupoko. League's position was neither pro nor anti H-3 as such, but we felt "that it was incompatible with the Oahu General Plan, which clearly intends Windward Oahu to have only minimal population growth," and that it would generate strong development pressures on the Windward side and would lead to un-desirable planning and zoning changes." The letter also stated that in view of H-3's present uncertain Congressional and legal status, "we would prefer to defer our position on the map amendments until the situation has been clarified."

July 18th, the City Council adopted the new Land Use Ordinance, in whose drafting the Planning and Zoning Committee had been deeply involved for several years.

Next meeting of the Committee will be August 25, at noon, in the League office. New members are always welcome.

Astrid Monson

President Arlene Kim Ellis wrote Don Clegg CPO of the City & County Dept of General Planning, calling his attention to the problem of the difficulty the public encountered in securing information about public hearings. A case in point cited was the problems encountered by the League in getting specific information on the Amendment to the Capitol District Ordinance so that we could testify intelligently at the hearing.

Mr. Clegg responded with the assurance that in the future, the name of the Planner involved and a telephone number would appear in all public notices.

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