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General Membership Meeting - Oct 4
President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
U.H. Lt. Governor's Candidate Debate (Evelyn Bender)
U.H. Congressional Candidate Debate (Diane Hastert)
H-3 - League Concerns (Arlene Ellis)
New Roster
On Ballot - Convention Center and Planning (Astrid Monson)
Proposed C & C Charter Amendments
Thank You LWV (Frederick Reppun)
Wanted! One Macintosh Computer!
Experience in Washington Internship Program
Statewide Conference on Women - Theme: "Choices"
Oceanic Cable TV
Kudos to Astrid Monson
Membership Meetings
YWCA Lunchtime Programs
Action for Education: A New Era in Hawaii
Channel 20 Productions
League Active in Registration Drives
Speak Out Hawaii
Attention Music Lovers...
General Membership Meeting - Nov 1


"Experience in Washington" Internship Program

The LWV Education Fund has announced the establishment of an "Experience in Washington" internship program made possible by a generous bequest from Rosalie Goodman, a long time League Leader. This internship will provide seasoned League leaders with an opportunity to spend a month in the unique environment of our nation's capitol. Criteria for selection include:

  1. a seasoned League leader

  2. demonstrated leadership qualities

  3. self-starter

  4. ability to present evidence of a plan to take back to the local community the skills learned during the Washington experience

  5. ability to participate for the full term of the program between March 16 and April 10, 1987.

For more information concerning the internship, call Arlene Ellis at the League office,

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