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General Membership Meeting - Nov 1

H-3 - League Concerns

The following is a "Letter to the Editor" which was printed in the local papers concerning the proposed H-3. It summarizes League's concerns and once again establishes the link between land use and transportation.

"Much has been said about H-3. Politics seem to cloud the fact that H-3 is a highway which should be considered in the light of how it will or will not affect transportation and related land use when it might be completed. There will be increased auto, truck and bus usage resulting in the same volume of traffic on H-3, Likelike and Pali Highway,"

"Our greater concern is the area of land use pressure. Since H-3's conception, the City and County has adopted its general plan which aims at maintaining Wind-ward population at a level only slightly higher than today's. Past experience tells us that despite Oahu's zoning laws and development plans, there will be pressure for much greater growth on the Windward side once an additional highway provides access to the area."

"The interrelationship between land use planning and transportation is a known fact. It is time that the State recognize this relationship and give attention to its own State plan which calls for respect of County directed growth plans."

"It is time for non-political discussions and courageous decisions so Federal monies can be used to solve transportation problems rather than to add to them.

Arlene Ellis
President LWV Honolulu

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