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General Membership Meeting - Oct 4
President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
U.H. Lt. Governor's Candidate Debate (Evelyn Bender)
U.H. Congressional Candidate Debate (Diane Hastert)
H-3 - League Concerns (Arlene Ellis)
New Roster
On Ballot - Convention Center and Planning (Astrid Monson)
Proposed C & C Charter Amendments
Thank You LWV (Frederick Reppun)
Wanted! One Macintosh Computer!
Experience in Washington Internship Program
Statewide Conference on Women - Theme: "Choices"
Oceanic Cable TV
Kudos to Astrid Monson
Membership Meetings
YWCA Lunchtime Programs
Action for Education: A New Era in Hawaii
Channel 20 Productions
League Active in Registration Drives
Speak Out Hawaii
Attention Music Lovers...
General Membership Meeting - Nov 1

President's Message

One of the most pleasurable and contagious emotions is enthusiasm, and I have had the good fortune to be a participant and share in this over the last couple of months.

The light in Marian Saunders eyes as -. -she bursts into the office with "I had the most wonderful idea this morn. Even though the end result of that wonderful idea is a lot more work for me; Or, "I found this marvelous article on...", as she attacks the Xerox machine and pumps out reams of copy; Or, Mary Frances Sutphen with her bag full of files and mock-ups on Voter pages, lugging them back and forth from home to office, looking like the original bag-lady; Or, Dee Lum kneeling on the floor in her living room expounding on League history, program and action to appreciative new members and re-stimulated old members; Or, Jean Aoki juggling names, trying to fit a voter registration schedule, and pausing to expound on the merits and demerits of mail-out ballots as opposed to voting at polling booths; Or Lucille Blackett gleefully cutting and pasting up articles for the Voter; are some of-the League scenes.

Others are Dorothy Murdock spouting forth on the merits of putting three of the Neighborhood Board members on the Commission, with Mildred Walston in loud agreement; Marian Wilkins pointing out that portion concerning Honolulu involvement in her State report, in between bites of her favorite bento; the zealous stuffing, labeling and stamping of 250 envelopes Marian Hatton put in between answering the office phone; Bertha Kon cheerfully updating Voter labels before preparing for her world cruise; Bob Harrington accepting the job of coordinator of the Oct. 4th event with equanimity and plunging forth; Debra Parks taking on the Voter with a four-week deadline, and still able to smile; Annie Kim giving up her regular golf day to sit in the hot sun at the 7-11 store to register votes, answer a last minute call to do the-same at the UH campus and still have enough get-up and go to work all day at the State Control Center and count absentee ballots.

And the phone calls: Katie Loew's sober reading of her "View Points", or the special lilt in her voice as she phones in an interesting tidbit of news, so you almost don't want to tell her you already know about it; Helen Griffin demanding to know what League is going to do about the council races or the charter amendments, on her way to stuffing envelopes for one candidate or to supervise a fundraiser for another; or the daily phone calls from Astrid Mon-son, on one aspect of planning or another... all important, all interesting.

You too can be a part of the action. Drop in to the office, have a cup of coffee, "talk story", and who knows... you too may be ONE OF THE ABOVE.

Arlene Ellis

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