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General Membership Meeting - Oct 4
President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
U.H. Lt. Governor's Candidate Debate (Evelyn Bender)
U.H. Congressional Candidate Debate (Diane Hastert)
H-3 - League Concerns (Arlene Ellis)
New Roster
On Ballot - Convention Center and Planning (Astrid Monson)
Proposed C & C Charter Amendments
Thank You LWV (Frederick Reppun)
Wanted! One Macintosh Computer!
Experience in Washington Internship Program
Statewide Conference on Women - Theme: "Choices"
Oceanic Cable TV
Kudos to Astrid Monson
Membership Meetings
YWCA Lunchtime Programs
Action for Education: A New Era in Hawaii
Channel 20 Productions
League Active in Registration Drives
Speak Out Hawaii
Attention Music Lovers...
General Membership Meeting - Nov 1

Proposed C & C Charter Amendments

AMENDMENT #86-238 - to allow the prosecuting attorney to hire an executive assistant, to provide that the prosecuting attorney be elected on a non partisan basis, and to establish a contingency fund for the prosecuting attorney.

AMENDMENT #86-237 - related to the preparation and implementation of the executive operating and capital budget ordinances.

AMENDMENT #86-150 - amend the Charter relating to the Planning Commission to provide the Planning Commission with a full-time executive secretary who has professional planning experience." The LWV is in agreement with the proposal.

AMENDMENT #86-26 - relating to the Neighborhood Commission, in changing the selection of the commission's Ambers. The LWV supports the proposal so that three members are .appointed by the Mayor, three appointed by the City Council and three (who must have served on a neighbor-hood board for at least two years) are elected by the Neighborhood Board members by a plurality vote. The amendment would also allow the Commission to have a budget which shall be implemented by the Mayor, as appropriated, and will allow the "Commission to appoint an administrator and staff,

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