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1986-1987 LWV of Honolulu Program

CITY COUNCIL - Support of a council which is part-time, with terms not to be limited by laws; the council should be non-partisan and composed of some members elected by district and others at-large. The number of district seats should exceed the number of at-large seats.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Emphasis is on open and responsive government. Support the Neighborhood Board system with attention to the Neighborhood Commission.

PLANNING - Promote member and public understanding of the planning process... promote city planning which includes overall development objectives... encourage citizen output in the planning process.

TRANSPORTATION needs and problems among members and public.

TAX STUDY - Study of sources and uses of funds at the city and county level, including alternatives.

RECALL - Mini-study of recall of elected officers of the City and County of Honolulu... to include those who should be included in the recall process, the conditions permitting recall, the wording needed to specify the conditions, and the method by which recall may occur.

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