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Speak Out, Hawaii

And they did!

Fifty-four citizens participated in League's voter service project of 1986.

LWV of Honolulu wanted citizens to express their concerns on issues, hoping that other citizens/ voters would ask candidates their stand on vital community issues.

Vote Count and direct mail contributions had fleshed out the budget sufficiently to underwrite the base cost of this project which included: hiring the management-coordinating services of Duckworth and Stebbins, Inc., work with KGU, weekly newspaper ads and print bus poster.

An immediate positive result was the offer by several businesses to underwrite the cost of the Sunday, November 2nd ad which featured three speakers and their scripts on ethics in government.

Join the voter service committee in extending thanks to Sandra Duckworth and Joan Stebbins, to KGU and to all the speakers; see their credits as they appeared in the ad.

Jerry Hess

We thank the following citizens who, throughout the series, expressed concerns about a variety of community issues. Contributions such as theirs help all of us make wise decisions at the ballot box:

Business and Jobs

David Bess, Dean University of Hawaii School of Business

Thomas Evans, Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, Small Business Council

Tim Lyons, Hawaii Business League

George Mason, Editor, Publisher Pacific Business News

Bob Midkitt, Small Business Council of America

Fred Sexton, Economic Development Corporation

Sam Slom, Small Business Hawaii

Bette Tatum, National Federation of Independent Business

Robert G. Reed, P.R.I.


Dennis Dunn, Prosecuting Attorney Office

Major Barry Fuji, Honolulu Police Department

Dr. Meda Lind, University of Hawaii Professor

Greg Mark, Chaminade University

Mark Oley, Parole Board

Mel Soo, Department of Education

Frank Sua, Honolulu Police Department

Martha Torrey, Corrections Planner


Rev. Claude du Teil, Institute of Human Service


Joshua Agsalud, University of Hawaii

Phillip Bossart, Independent Colleges

Grace Furukawa, League of Women Voters

Kevin Kemper, Vice Chairman o1 State Student Council

Jessica Kirk, Hawaii Federation of Teachers

John Radcliff, Hawaii State Teachers Association

Marian Saunders, past member Board of Education

Ivalee Sinclair, Hawaii Association Child/Adults with Learning Disabilities

Ethics in Government

Mary Bitterman, East West Center

Jean King, former Lt. Governor

Ian Lind, Executive Director of Common Caus

Hawaiian Affairs

Nona Beamer, Hawaiian Consultant

Winona Robin, Alu Like, Inc.

Haunani Trask, University of Hawaii Professor


David Callies, University of Hawaii Law Professor and Attorney

Elroy Chun, Building Industry Association of Hawaii

Astrid Monson, Editorial Commentator on Housing & Development

Muriel Seto, 1000 Friends

Claudia Shay, Oahu Self Help


Russel Okala, H.G.E.A.

Arthur Rutledge, Teamsters Union

Social Services

Sister Joan Chatfield, Institute Religion & Social Change

Billy Hague, Waianae Coast Coalition

Randy Moore, Aloha United Way


Dr. Christopher Haines, Hawaii Dental Service

Lowell Kalapa, Tax Foundation of Hawaii


Stanley Hong, Hawaii Visitors Bureau

Clement Judd Jr., Hawaii Hotel Association

David Ramsour, Bank of Hawaii

Traffic Transportation

Gordon Furutani, Land Use Research Foundation

DeeDee Letts, Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization


Don Brernner, Waikiki Improvement Association

Anna Bentatti, Waikiki Neighborhood Board


Fletcher Knebel, Author


Sharon Narimatsu, Stale Commission On Status of Women

Paid for by

League of Women Voters

49 S. Hotel St., Suite 314, Honolulu, HI 96813

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