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Cayetano Bill to Bring Presidential Primary to Isles

True to his campaign promise, Lt. Governor Benjamin Cayetano has submitted to the Legislature a draft of a bill which, if enacted, will enable Hawaii's voters to participate directly in the country's Presidential nomination process.

Officials of the Democratic, Republican ,and Libertarian parties, representatives from the Governor's office, elections officials from the City, representatives of the Labor parties, Chamber of Commerce, Common Cause and the League of Women Voters were invited to a meeting with the Lt. Governor to discuss the viability of such a concept.

The bill would amend Chapter 14 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes by adding a new part entitled, "Relating to Presidential Preference Primary Elections". It empowers the lieutenant governor, as the state's chief election officer, to deter-mine how the names of qualified presidential nominees are placed on the ballot and the conduct of the Presidential Preference Primary Election.

According to the proposed legislation, "there is need to provide Hawaii's voters with the opportunity for more direct participation in this country's Presidential nomination process. Such an election would not only stimulate voter interest and direct participation in the Presidential elections, but also would focus candidates' attention to the priori-ties and potential of both Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region."

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