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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
League in Action: Oahu GP Due for 5-Year Review
League in Action: P & Z - Citizen's Guide Book
League in Action: League Opposes GP Ammendments
League in Action: Planning and Zoning Committee
League Testifies before Planning Commission Meeting
League to Interview Council Members
Leaguers Hold Key Posts
Cayetano Bill to Bring Presidential Primary to Isles
Barbara Marumoto at Common Cause
Water Conference
General Membership Meeting
Dr. Phyllis Turnbull Is Speaker at December Membership Meeting
League on Channel 20
Meeting Basic Human Needs
Orientation Meetings Are Scheduled
Membership Update
Vote Count Schedule
Happy Birthday!

League on Channel 20

The League will resume its cablecast, "Issues at Large", via Oceanic Cable-vision, Inc.'s Channel 20 every Monday in February at 7:00pm.

The February program will focus on "Effective Lobbying Techniques". League's National Director, Pat Shutt, will moderate this series. Appearing on the panel will be Richard Botti, President of Legislative Services of Hawaii, and Reverend John Norris, Executive Coordinator of the Council of Churches.

Arlene Woo and Katie Loew, co-chairs, and their dedicated crew of eight have been responsible for this cablecast program during this past year. They have produced discussion shows on Transportation, Ethics in Government, Development of Central Oahu, Hawaii's Education System, and the Election Coverage.

Last year League produced one show every two months. Under Oceanic's new policy, League can produce one show a month. We can also train our own crew members.

Aside from the production staff, volunteers are needed for programming ideas, contacting "talent", writing confirmation and "thank-you'! letters, arranging for plants and greeting guests at the taping sessions.

Clifford Slater, President of Maui Divers, whose avocation is transportation, has this to say after being a guest on one of our shows. "I've received more comments on my transportation ideas as a result of the League's panel than from any other of my talks."


Visit the next taping session from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, Saturday, Feb 14. Learn where you can fit in. Call Arlene at 537-6534 or Katy, 737-7297

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