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League in Action

Oahu GP Due for 5-Year Review

The general plan, adopted in 1977 and slightly modified in 1982, contains. the basic policies to guide the island's growth and development for the next 20 years. It allocates the expected population growth to various parts of the island to meet certain objectives. These include encouraging development of a major "2nd City" in the West Beach and Makakilo areas and preventing significant development from spreading into the urban fringe and rural areas, such as Windward, North Shore and Central Oahu.

As provided in the City Charter, the general plan will be given a "5-year review" in 1987. The City's Department of General Planning is working on major changes in the plan. One that has been under discussion would in effect abandon the "directed growth" concept and go back to the "private-sector-initiated" philosophy which governed planning in the 60's and early 70's.

Though the proposed amendments have not yet been made public, one alternative being considered calls for elimination of the present General Plan population guidelines which set an upper limit to the amount of growth and development an area should have. Another proposal being considered is to permit development to spread more widely into Central Oahu and else-where in accordance with market demand, instead of concentrating it in the secondary center in Ewa.

When the proposed General Plan revisions are made public, out Planning and Zoning Committee will study them in detail and prepare our testimony in line with League's overall Planning and Zoning position.

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