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League Testifies before Planning Commission Meeting

"Planning for physical development must go hand in hand with public facilities planning," President Arlene Kim Ellis testified before the Planning Commission on January 14th. "At a minimum, national public facilities planning must accompany national land use planning."

Other concerns addressed included:


  1. Ewa Secondary Urban Center

    Since a rational master plan for Ewa has been completed, one should adhere to the plan until the passage of time proves that the planning is not viable, and not seek changes now. League noted that the Hawaii Housing Authority project impacts negatively on the Ewa Development plan's policy of preserving agricultural production in the area. Ironically, land

    currently in sugar production (and which the owner plans to keep in sugar cultivation) is being taken for housing, while land the owner has committed to housing, in accordance with a master plan is being "banked". 2.

  2. Preservation of Agriculture

    League is concerned that the North Shore Development Plan proposal will take prime agricultural lands for re-subdivision into lots principally for residential purposes.

  3. Common Provisions

    League disagrees with the CPO's proposed amendment of the common provisions regarding social impact of development. Objective criteria are eliminated as well as enforcement procedures for mitigating anticipated negative social impact.

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