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Bills on Campaign Ethics

The 1987 Legislative session is underway and several bills related to campaign ethics have been introduced. The bills propose various procedures for the enforcement of a fair campaign practices code.

Senate bill 256, for example, proposes amendment of existing campaign spending statutes to authorize the Campaign Spending Commission to enforce a fair campaign practices code. Senate bill 1066 makes a similar amendment but includes penalties of up to $500,000 in fines for violators.

Rather than expand the duties of the existing campaign spending commission, the Lieutenant Governor has introduced a bill which establishes a separate Fair Campaign Practices Commission. This Commission is mandated to develop a code and enforce it though a complaint and investigation process.

All of the bills introduced will focus attention on the problem of unfair campaign practices while proposing a variety of sanctions for violations. It is too early to know which of these bills, if any, will make it through the legislative hearings process. We will update you on these and related voter/election bills in the March issue,

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