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Legislative Update

Two very different bills relating to FAIR CAMPAIGN PRACTICES have survived the first crossover in the state legislature. House Bill 114, HD 2, establishes a Fair Campaign Practices Commission funded by the Hawaii Election Fund and provides criminal sanctions for campaign related libel. Senate Bill 1147, SD 2, also establishes a Fair Campaign Practices Commission but provides for quick, public hearings when a complaint is filed charging a campaign ethics violation.

The bill establishing a May 24, PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE PRIMARY passed out of the Senate and has been referred to the House Committee on Judiciary chaired by Wayne Metcalf. Two other bills on elections, one providing for write-in voting in primary elections and a second allowing voter registration by mail, have also passed from the Senate to the House Judiciary.

Honolulu LWV's President, Arlene Ellis, testified in favor of mail-in registration before the Senate Committee on Judiciary; and submitted written testimony in favor of the same bill to the House Committee on Judiciary.

Check the April Voter for an update on these and other bills relating to elections.

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