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The Transportation Committee continues to observe both Committee and full Council meetings of the City-County, to keep League abreast of the activities of D.T.S. in relation to our position on Transportation.

The new abbreviated agendas for Council meetings do not tell you much; and unless you have sat in on a Committee meeting, you are left rather in the dark. The meetings tend to be streamlined and capsulated -- for example, the March 4 Council had a 14-page agenda, including 35 bills for action, all of which was covered in 1 hour, 10 minutes!

At Committee meetings the pace is generally considerably more deliberate, detailed, and discussed; and one can glean much information to bring back to League's Transportation Committee on many facets of City Transportation -- for example, a recent meeting touched on Helicopter Emergency Pads, Tour Buses in Waikiki, Newsstands on Kalakaua Avenue, and Plans for the Alapai Bus Yard Site ...But then another Committee meeting covered an 11-item agenda in 15 minutes time.

(Getting in a plug for Dorothy Murdock and her Council Observer Corps, observing Council is informative, interesting, and sometimes even entertaining, and the committee can always use more observers.)

Two of us from the Transportation Committee attended one of the first informational meetings recently scheduled to brief the public on the proposed Rapid Transit System. The D.T.S. will be making presentations at various' Neighborhood Boards; so attend and participate when the road show plays your neighborhood. D.T.S. is hoping for much input from the public as they go forward with their plans.

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