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Annual Meeting

Oahu Country Club was the setting of the 1987 Annual Meeting of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu. Featured speaker Richard Borreca, Political Reporter, KHON-TV, discussed "Campaign Reforms" a particularly timely issue given the alleged campaign smears in the 1986 Governor's race, and the campaign ethics bill which was agreed upon in the legislature this session. Acknowledging the presence of negative campaigning and mudslinging, Mr. Borreca suggested ways of dealing with them without resort to either the courts or an ethics commission. He suggested more debates such as the League hosts during an election year, covering different areas and held in off years to put politicians on the record. He feels that this would take away any effect of last minute lies and smears as well as encourage more open government. Mr. Borreca's interesting speech was followed by numerous questions from the Leaguers on all of the issues he covered and some he didn't such as campaign spending,

The Annual Meeting of the members preceded Mr. Borreca's talk and included acceptance of the proposed budget for 1987-88, nominating committee report, election of officers and recognition of outgoing board members. The proposed program for 1987-88 involved lively discussion over the recommendation to drop the study on "Sources & Uses of Funds at City/County Level and Possible Alternatives". It was subsequently decided by the members that the study would be extended for one more year with an amended focus. Anyone interested in working on this study was asked to contact the League office.

The mini-study on recall of elected officers of the City and County of Honolulu was dropped from the 1987-88 League program while the following recommended items were included:

Local Government

Emphasis on open and responsive government. Action to include observing the City Council, testifying and lobbying on issues which relate to League positions, and a validation of the following points of our current position:

  1. The Council should have reliable and independent sources of information to assist in its legislating and policy making duties.

  2. The League supports the concept of the citizen legislator. The term is defined as being one who gives only part of one's time to public service - that may be part of a day, some weeks or months or a few years away from the public sector.

Planning & Zoning

Promote member and public understanding of the planning process. Promote city planning which includes overall development objectives and encourages citizen participation. Promote action on planning, zoning and housing.


Promote understanding of Oahu transportation needs and problems among members and public.

Neighborhood Boards

Support for the Neighborhood Board System with changes to facilitate-participation in governmental processes.

All in all it was a rousing, well-attended Annual Meeting followed by an excellent speech and lunch. 1986 was a good year for the League and all look forward to continuing the good work through 1987.

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