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"Off and Running"

Honolulu's Voter Service Committee met and is enthusiastically planning the second RUNNING TO WIN SEMINAR in late October. For those who need a reminder, our first RUNNING TO WIN SEMINAR was held in

November, 1985, It was designed to encourage citizens to consider them-selves as candidates for elective office, and to get first hand information from people who have al-ready tried it and won. We believed there were many qualified people in our community who would be willing to run for elective office if they had more information and encouragement, and knew how to get to avenues of support. Over 150 participants joined us in the first seminar. The participants were winners and we were winners.

This year we hope to hold the seminar at McKinley High School. We are looking forward to over 200 people joining us, and we are developing our publicity campaign right now. We will use our lead time before the seminar to get the message out to more people. As of this Voter article we are considering having a capital district FUN RUN in September to publicize the RUNNING TO WIN idea.

As things progress you will be hearing more about RUNNING TO WIN.

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