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Thursday morning April 16

TO: Barbara Fischlowitz. League of Women Voters

SUBJ: Appreciation and comment, Letter of.

  1. Reference is respectfully (and gratefully) made to your last Monday morning appearance and presentation before our organization -- the Salt Lake Senior Citizens.

  2. Your Iinkage of the name "Fischlowitz" with some of the various local names seemed reasonable and immediately overcame any potential misunderstanding.

  3. The fact that you spoke so articulately without the use of notes and in a clear distinct voice, drew comments of admiration from many or our members. I myself realize that the nature of your subject "How to Evaluate a Political Candidate" was such as, to be successfully delivered, would require a good background of the subject, an analytical mind, a sense of humor and just plain common sense. All of these qualities you demonstrated in an interesting, distinctive and pleasant manner.

  4. There was some regrettable noise but you admirably demonstrated a strong presence of mind as if this disturbance did not exist. I wish to apologize for this noise; and perhaps it was more disturbing to us then to you because we were anxious to hear everything you had to say. Frankly, many of the things you had to say were a revelation to us and resulted in a new perspective in respect to political candidates.

  5. All of our questions were answered directly, in detail, with interesting elaboration and to everyone's satisfaction. Your visit resulted in making many friends and I'm sure the good will generated will result in benefits to both of us.

  6. Again, let me thank you for taking time out from an' obviously busy schedule to let us have the pleasure of your talking to us.

Best personal regards to you and your family.

Hymen P. Goldwater
Salt Lake Senior Citizens

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