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President's Message

My apologies for leaving this lcolumn blank in the last issue of the Voter, but after two weeks a prisoner in Honolulu Hale's infamous Bell Tower processing the Neighborhood Board ballots, I discovered that the flesh was weak, how-ever willing the spirit.

My heartfelt thanks to those many Leaguers who spent untold hours in the tower with me, sitting on hard seats for hours, pulling ballots out of envelopes, picking off shards, and counting, counting, counting. Despite the work, I enjoyed the camaraderie and good spirits of the ladies and gentlemen - and we did manage to hear some good stories,

For those of you who missed the Annual Meeting at the Oahu Country Club, I can only say, you missed a good one. In the true spirit of League, a non-recommended program by the Board was reinstated after active discussion, and although lunch was delayed a half hour, I think we all agree it was worth it. Already the City Funds Committee is hard at work.

Your new Board met a few weeks ago and among other things, voted for the addition to our offices of an adjacent space to accommodate our growing needs. Be prepared! You're going to be called upon shortly to help with sorting, rearranging, moving and cleaning.

Unfortunately business calls me away, and I will miss the State League's convention. The program looks exciting and if I had my druthers, I would stay home and attend the convention, as I hope many of you will. The business of the convention will have important future ramifications for each Honolulu member; and even if you may not have a vote, you can certainly debate your concerns. The budget, By-Law proposals, recommended and non-recommended programs all affect you directly and it is important to have input from as many different members as possible. I urge you to attend.

"Running to Win" has taken off on a running start and will soon be announcing speaker's names and a meeting place. We hope to have this be the event of the year, to be followed next year by old fashioned Hawaiian style candidates rallies that are now in the "thinking" stage All of these events will take "people-power" so call now and volunteer for involvement. It has been said that the more you put in, the more you get out. Let's find out if this is true.

Arlene Ellis

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