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Kudos to the thirty nine faithful Leaguers and five friends of League. who spent 944 hours in the Bell Tower of Honolulu Hale processing ballots for the Neighborhood Board over a period of two weeks. The hours were long and the work monotonous, but the spirits were high throughout. Over 72,000 ballots were examined, picked at, and counted. Everyone appreciated the short breaks each noon to sample the international cuisine provided by the Ellis catering service.

It is through the dedication of Leaguers such as you, that spur us on to meet the budget requirements we set up for ourselves. Each participant went away with the knowledge of having been involved in a worthwhile public service activity, as well as being an integral part of an activity that sustains League.

Join us in our next endeavor on Saturday, JUNE 20, when we count votes for the Carpenter's Union at 1311 HOUGHTAILING STREET, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Lunch will be provided by the Union. MARK YOUR CALENDAR, AND CALL THE OFFICE TO VOLUNTEER!

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