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The Clean Air Act of 1970 as amended in 1977 mandated that areas of the country with unhealthy levels of air pollution meet a December 31, 1987, clean-up deadline. The Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee will begin voting in a few weeks on revisions to this public health law and National League requests that local League members write or call the committee members and urge them to take action

Very briefly some of the problems that National League outlines are as follows:

"Members of Congress who represent areas of the country that will not meet the deadline will ask for an extension to avoid possible sanctions. League believes a deadline extension is unwarranted unless it is linked to the adoption of more stringent air pollution controls that will speed attainment of the standards.

"The current Clean Air Act needs to include adequate provisions for dealing with hazardous, or toxic air pollutants. In 17 years EPA has set standards for only 7 hazardous substances while hundreds of other pollutants are emitted into the air without regulation.

"Congress should enact necessary additions to the Clean Air Act to address air pollution problems that were not recognized to be as serious in 1977 as they are now. The two most obvious areas are acid rain and depletion of the ozone layer." . .

A sample letter to the editor and much more detailed information on the Clean Air Act is available at the League office. Ask for the June 9, 1987, ACTION ALERT.

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