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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Planning & Zoning
Action Alert
State Convention
Blessings of Liberty
LWV-Hawaii Board Members 1987-1989
Office Face-Lift
Consensus / Concurrence

League of Women Voters of Hawaii,
Board Members (1987-1989)

League of Women Voters of Hawaii, Board Members (1987-1989)

President: Anne F. Lee, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

Vice Pres: Tisha Hickson, Honolulu, Hawaii 96823

Sec/Treas Vicki Zaleski, Hilo, Hawaii 96721


Evelyn Bender

Debbie Kimball

Libby Oshiyama

Carole Westby

Directors to be appointed:

Dee Dee Letts, Neighborhood Justice Center

Kiyoko Nitz

Carol Whitesell

Local League Presidents:

Hawaii County - Marge Mulhall, Dorothy Doudna (co-presidents)

Honolulu - Arlene Ellis

Kauai County - Althea McCleery

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