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Planning & Zoning

Planning victories are not easy to come by, but League can rejoice over a couple of recent ones.

On June 5, the State Land Use Commission voted 5 to 2 to reject the Waiola Estates development in Central Oahu. (This is the one where Arlene Ellis faced an angry mob of several hundred to testify against). The Commission gave as its reasons the loss of prime agricultural land, unsolved traffic problems and possible water contamination.

Even more important, the City Council's Planning Committee on June 16 rejected unanimously a set of General Plan amendments long urged by the City's Department of General Planning. These would in effect have abandoned the basic structure of the plan -- its direction of most population growth into a planned "Secondary Urban Center" in Ewa, and its population growth limits for various parts of the island. They would also have eliminated the requirements that the Development Plans "must implement and accomplish the objectives of the General Plan".

The whole Council will vote on the proposals Wednesday morning on June 24. Should the amendments be rejected, the way would be open for Council to disapprove pending Development Plan applications to permit some 70,000 more people in Central Oahu, mostly on prime agricultural land. It was the proliferation of wide-spread low-density urban sprawl that would result, with resulting high costs for water, sewers, roads, transit and other public facilities, which helped lead the Council Committee to reject the General Plan amendment proposals.

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