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State Convention

State League of Women Voters held their convention on May 30 and 31st at the Ala Moana Americana Hotel. There were voting members from Kauai and Hawaii who combined with 15 delegates from Honolulu for a total of 29. Items of business were placed on the floor during Saturday's session and voted on during Sundays session. One issue involved a proposed amendment to Article VII, section 2 of the State By-Laws. After voting on the amendment to the proposed amendment the adopted By-Law reads as follows:

"Each local League shall make an annual per member payment (PMP) to the League of Women Voters of Hawaii. When two members reside at the same address in a common household, a payment equal to one and one-half times the payment determined by convention or council shall be made. The amount of the PMP shall be adopted at convention or council.

The date for determining local League membership shall be January 1 of said year. Each provisional League shall pay one-half of such PMP to the League of Women Voters of Hawaii for two years or until it is fully recognized, whichever shall come sooner. The record in the state office of paid members shall deter-mine the official membership count for this purpose."

A second, heavily debated, issue was adoption of a new program for 1987-1989 over the state Board's non-recommendation. By a 3/5 vote the new program is as follows:

"To study alternative methods of replacing an elected state official Whose office becomes vacant."

Two members from Hawaii, one from Kauai and one from Honolulu Leagues volunteered to participate in the study.

A second, two-year program was also adopted. It is a study of primary elections. The scope of this study reads as follows:

"This study will focus on (a) whether there should be a primary election for the non-partisan state . school board, and (b) whether there should be presidential primaries in Hawaii.

There were several directions to-the new Board (whose names are listed at the end of this article) which included:

  1. Budget and finance should be restructured, clarified and simplified.

  2. The Secretary-Treasurer should be two persons rather than one.

  3. Suggest that the Board may want a League consultant to guide the new members volunteering to undertake the adopted study,

  4. The Board should consider a volunteer for the financial. position, or before hiring they should put out a bid for the job.

  5. The State Board should include local representatives in meetings.

  6. The State Board should change their policies and procedures regarding PMP national members. (This would put State League in conformance with National policies)

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