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As some of you may know the League of Women Voters of the United States have been involved in labor negotiations since the latter part of --1986 when their regular employees voted for union representation. The Honolulu League received a letter from National dated June 2, 1987, which includes a "Fact Sheet" setting forth their efforts over the past year to arrive at a contract agreement with the union.

Although the letter and "Fact Sheet" are too lengthy to print in the Voter, the Honolulu League wants its members, especially those who may have seen or heard of these negotiations, to be aware of the information and to feel free to request a copy be sent to you. The June 2, letter addresses concerns National has about the efforts of the union to inappropriately shift the negotiations away from the bargaining table and into the newspapers and other public arenas.

Call or drop by the League office to read the "Fact Sheet".

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