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Attention All League Members
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Attention All League Members

We will be preparing the 1987-1988 roster in early September. This is your opportunity to tell us how you would like to be listed. Your current Aloha Voter label has your name and address as it will be listed unless you tell us otherwise.

Please complete this form and mail it to the office by August 31, 1987, if you have changes you wish to make.





We encourage you to tell us about the areas of work you would like to be a part of (i. e. , Voter Service, Vote Count, office volunteer, spot jobs, etc. ), times you would be available for meetings and what subject you would like the Aloha Voter to cover.

Please return this by August 31st to:

LWV, 49 S. Hotel Street, Rm. 314 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

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