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Bob Harrington got his foot wet as assistant coordinator of the Carpenter's Union Vote Count. His comment:"It went off smoothly and well with no hitches"

23 workers spent an average of 6 hours apiece to verify and tally 2,579 ballots, First time vote-counters Janice Westberg, Marion Thorp, Pearl Nishimura and Lynn Chinsky were welcome additions to our group and we hope to see them again often. Our core group of old timers made up of Mary Frances Sutphen, Marian Wilkins, Yvonne Kearns, Dorrie Marsh, Mary-Ann Marks, Ah Juk Ku, Marian Hatton, Robin Loomis, Bertha Kon, Mildred Walston, Beth Weisberger, Anita Benfatti, Dorothy Murdock and Betty Anderson kept the count going smoothly and "numbers" ladies Jean Aoki and Nadine Taylor kept us honest with the Master Tally.

We all shared a great lunch provided by the Union and a good time was had by all. We look forward to another vote count in the near future before we spend all we earned in the past counts. Watch the Voter for dates, times and places!

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