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Action Alert: Contra Aid

The debate once again is heating up in Congress over continuing military aid to the Nicaraguan contras. It is in the interest of the United States to promote peace and regional security in Central America through diplomatic and peaceful means. The legitimate interests of our country are best served by addressing the long-term social and economic needs of the region and by vigorously supporting and reinforcing the ongoing process of regional dispute settlement.


-Please call or write your senators and representative. Urge them to:

  1. Oppose any aid to the contras, in any form -- lethal or nonlethal in any amount, in any legislative vehicle.

  2. Seek diplomatic rather than military solutions to the conflicts in Central America.

FROM: Nancy M. Neuman, President and Merilyn Reeves, Advocacy Issues Chair

RE: Contra Aid


Congress is expected to consider the question of continued U.S. aid to to the contras in mid-September, but action is needed now to let your voice be heard in this important debate.

  1. Write your senators and representative. Urge them to vote against continued U.S. aid to the contras in any form and to seek a diplomatic solution to conflict in the region.

  2. Send a League delegation to your members of Congress's district offices with the message: no more contra aid. Congress is in recess and members may be in their districts from August 8 to September 8.

  3. Set up League telephone networks to be activated two days before the; first vote in mid-September. Call in your views to Washington and keep those phones ringing throughout the two days before the vote.

  4. Prepare for additional votes. The first contra aid vote may he on free-standing measure. Additional votes are possible if the contra ai measure is defeated as a free-standing bill. An amendment could he offered to the continuing resolution (the omnibus spending bill), thus warranting additional votes.

  5. Use methods appropriate to your commun mobilize opposition to contra aid.

Nancy M. Neuman

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