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The "Former Member" campaign is continuing. There have been 10 rejoins in addition to several contributions and letters of support.

Welcome back!

- ----

We welcome the following persons who recently rejoined as a result of the Former Member campaign. With cheers and aloha:

Joan Yim
Carla Coray
Betty and Bill Daly
Kathi Kreinik
Martha Burke
Gretel McLane
Pearl R. Nishimura
Trudi Zelko
Janet Morse
Sally Vernon
Nan Luter


Two "new" and "prospective" member orientations are scheduled as follows

Saturday, September 12, 9:30 to 1:30 a.m. at the League Office;


Friday, September 25, 4:30-6:3O at Dee Lum's house, 2015 Lanihuli Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Call the League office for more information. Plan on attending and bringing that new or prospective member.

REMEMBER: your listing in the membership roster will appear just as it does on the Voter mailing label. If you want anything changed, such as your mailing address, you must call and let us know ASAP. 531-7448

In addition to the former members who have rejoined we have new members as well:

Marjorie Smith

Camille Butler
Beatrice Dawson

Pamela Martin

Thank you to the following member who have made contributions, over and above their dues to League's ongoing work.

Millie Copi
Janet Gillmar
Dorothy Murdock
Pat Shutt
Edna and David Shoup
Grace Furukawa
Beth Weisberger
Opal Sloane
Fay Hill
Jean Roberts
Rhonda Griswold
Susan Palmore
Betsy Tan
Marion and Allan Saunders
Althea Marrack
Kate Haenisch
Pearl Richardson Nishimura
Trudi Zelko

and former members:

Grace Yokoi
Melvia Kawashima
Mabel Keesling
June Boyce
Representative Joan Hayes


League of Women Voters of Honolulu

President - Arlene Kim Ellis
Vice President - Dorothy Lum
Secretary - Susan MacKinnon
Treasurer - Nadine Taylor
Editor - Jo Judy

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