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Planning and Zoning

Summer doldrums brought no respite to the Planning & Zoning Committee, which has been keeping up with all major planning issues as best we can:

  1. June 24: City Council unanimously turned down the General Plan Revisions proposed by the City Ad-ministration, which were designed to direct major growth into Central Oahu's prime agricultural areas. League has been opposing this since 1984.

  2. June 24: Letter to the City's Chief Planning Officer objecting to his recommendation that the annual DP Amendment review process be eliminated and that all proposed amendments be considered independently.

  3. July 7: Letter to the City's Department of Land Utilization raising some questions of interpretation of the Land Use Ordinance's regulations on building. height. This was in connection with the 10 to 13 ft high man-made "berm" or embankment the Kaiser-Sandy Beach project proposed.

  4. July 30: Letter to City Planning Commission giving our testimony on the 1987 Development Plan review package. This included our comments on pending changes to the common provisions, increasing the Downtown height limit from 350 to 500 ft., putting rapid transit stations on certain Public Facility Maps, changes in Ewa Land Use maps and opposing North Shore resort development. The latter amend-ment has been withdrawn.

  5. July 30: Letter to the Advertiser (printed on Sept. 2) answering charges of a correspondent that the League, 1000 Friends and the AAUW were responsible for Oahu's high land and housing prices be-cause we supported land use controls.

  6. August 13: Kathy Albu represented League at a workshop on Development Assessments called by the Chair of the Council's Zoning Committee. Since the present draft of the D.A. bill calls for negotiation entirely between the City Ad-ministration and the developer, with a Council public hearing on the final draft, Kathy called for more and earlier public input and more concern about the D.A.'s impact on the neighborhood.

  7. August 18: Letter to Zoning Committee of City Council, raising several major questions on the rezoning of Union Mall to highest density, downtown mixed commercial use. This is to give the developer greatly increased floor area by letting him count Union Mall as open space and part of his property. In exchange, he is proposing to pay the City a premium and to landscape and maintain the Mall.

In addition, we have been following several legal issues of great importance to the island's planning process.

Queen's Beach: In Federal Court, Bishop Estate's suit for $150 to $200 million damages to compensate it for downzoning to preservation was dismissed.

Date-Laau: In Circuit court, the Judge ruled that the rezoning brought about by initiative in 1984 was invalid as State law gave zoning powers exclusively to the City Council. (The Charter provides for initiative).

Sandy Beach: Petitions with nearly 40,000 signatures to place an initiative on the 1988 ballot were filed with the City. In addition, law suits appealing the Shoreline Management Permit and charging improper procedures have been filed.

Astrid Monson

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